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Reviews as Haikus

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best-haiku-ever1-300x165Later this week I’ll be attending the North Carolina Nonprofit Conference and I’m looking forward to sharing what I learn! In the meantime, I was searching for a way to stretch my creativity muscles and decided to write some reviews of things I’ve tried out lately… as haikus.

Being limited to 17 syllables forces you to cut to the chase – good for a quick yay-or-nay ruling. But if you want to try and insert a little personality into the poem, you have to work for it. Honestly, it’s a fun exercise and an easy mental warm-up to get the juices flowing. Here’s what I came up with – if you have a review haiku to share I’d love to hear it! Have other writing exercises you like?  I’d love to hear those too!


Terro Liquid Ant Baits

Marching two by two

Then droves… trickles… solitude.

Am I still vegan?


Dave’s Killer Bread

I won’t buy any

inferior loaf. Killer

bread yields killer toast.


Hayes La-Z-Boy Sofa

Marshmallow soft but

less sticky… I can’t get up…

Redact second line.


Mr. Holmes Movie

Sloth-like pacing: yes

Story’s moral: refreshing

… When’s Sherlock return?


SO Bright Peanut Dog Treats

HomeGoods clearance shelf

Flanked by off-season candles

My dog gives five stars


One thought on “Reviews as Haikus

  1. Hahahahaha…… That’s the sound of my laughter. Practice makes perfect!

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